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Fused is the long term electronic music project of Mark Kendrick, a South Coast UK artist influenced by Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Mesh, OMD, De/Vision and Lowe who has been writing and recording as Fused since 1989.

Fused has released a number of singles on CD, streaming and commercial download services and enjoys radio play around the world. 2019’s “Dreaming of Me” single was voted as one of ‘Artefaktor Radio’ top tracks of 2019 and crucially in October 2019 Fused was voted the Top Electro Act of 2019 by the hughly influential worldwide ‘Radio Wigwam’ online music station, plus Fused has featured on highly popular Conzoom Records ‘Electropop’ Series of releases.

Fused is also a highly regarded music producer and remix artist, completing an ever growing number of successful remix works for bands such as the noted Nature of Wires, New York signed artist Jaguar Grace, Tin Gun, Mind Machine, Sapphira Vee, SombreMoon, Jigsaw Sequence and Eric C Powell.

Please check out the ‘Submission Series‘ for more information on Fused production & remix discography.

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